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Finca Santa Fe,Pozo Azul Santa Fe de Bagaces

Bagaces, Guanacaste

  • Farm
  • 331 ha total
  • US$ 3,960,000 For Sale


Area: 330.96 has
Value: $.12 000 per Hectar (Negotiable)

Legal status: It has cadastral plan to collect three farms registered, farms gathering process on the National Register in its final phase.

Location: Poza Azul Santa Fe de Bagaces, district: Fortuna Region: Bagaces, Province: Guanacaste.


1- On the road to Upala of Alajuela from Canas, Guanacaste: From the city of Cañas Guanacaste 6 km north Carretera Interamericana, 22 km road northeast to Upala of Alajuela and 6 km west (these 6 kilometers are built with ballast is good state). Current Status: fair to good. All-weather traction easily by car).
2- For American Highway: From the town of Canas 8.5 km north (enter by road after Zacates La Roca S.A.) journey by dirt road 20 km to the east. Current status: regular, better-wheel drive vehicle during the rainy season.

Previous uses: Many years ago was actively used in growing grains such as rice, beans and corn. Beans and corn is harvested with excellent results in that area. There are also recent and ancient history of planting crops such as watermelon, sweet pepper and tomato, with excellent results. For many years it was used as livestock pasture
jaragua and grass, Brachiaria and recently with brizanta toledo mainly a part of it. The maintenance of paddocks years ago were performed using a tractor mower (the property can be machined at least 65% of the farm).

Current use: The property is in the process of recovery of pastures for livestock. They are recovering some jaragua and grass paddocks and since 2009 are being established pastures Brachiaria.brizanta surfaces and Toledo. Paddocks recovery have investment in chapeas and elimination of secondary forests (shrubs and small trees. It is estimated that the surface of paddocks is 232 ha topography undulating to flat grass cover without tacotal some 110 ha and tacotal and small trees about 122 ha with similar topography. some 82 hectares of forest located in small hills with slopes of moderate to high and about 16 ha of forest protection to the streams that run on the property.

Potential use: Because of its topography, soils, water well distributed property is suitable for various forms of agriculture, livestock which is its current use, for forestry and agro-ecotourism in the scenic beauty of its streams and mountains.

Water sources and water distribution: The property is elongated and from the bottom of the property, you enter the small river Santa Fe with high topographic levels relative to most of the property, crossing from north to south, after run inside the property about a kilometer, the creek forms the border with neighboring properties west of the property, but the stream is contained in a high percentage of the land boundary in this farm. The route of the small river Santa Fe, complete about 90% of the length of the property.

The Aguacate creek enters the center of the east side, crosses and joins the small river Santa Fe. Both streams are permanent and have good flow in the dry season.

At the front of the property, with a length of just over one kilometer runs the aqueduct of the town of Santa Fe and that work, the farm has two services (for two families) with water quality to be captured in fully protected a rising pollution of the activity of animals and man.
There is a third small river , born within the property and leaving the same, more or less the center of the front of the property (to the south). This small river is intermittent in some wet years. In wet years, this small river does not dry in the summer. In some wet years, interrupted his flow between the months of February and April.



Sale Price: US$ 3,960,000
Land:331 ha